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The room NOVUM can be rented for a party by students, student associations and members on Friday and Saturday evenings for up to 100 people. In June and September you can bring a maximum of 90 people because of the heat. In July and August it is not possible to rent the room.

We offer a room, beer, two lovely bartenders and cleaning. The rent for the room is € 180,- (including two bartenders and cleaning). In case you expect more than 70 visitors an extra € 40,- is charged for a doorman*. You can bring your own beamers, snacks and decoration.

It is obligatory to buy all consumed drinks from us, of course for reasonable prices:

Indication prices are:
Beer € 5,50 / Liter
Soda € 5 / Liter
Wine € 10 / Bottle (0,75 l)

You can send reservations and questions to zaal @ You can also make a phonecall between Tuesday and Thursday in the evening: 015-2121516.

*Attention: In case you expect more that 70 people, you really have to let us know on beforehand. If it turns out that you didn't, part of your deposit will be deducted!

Some conditions:
The room can be rented between 20:00 and 3:30h. At the latest 2 weeks before the party the contract needs to be signed and a deposit of 180 euros needs to be paid
Minimum age for entry is 18 years
Live music is not allowed
You can't give a dinner in our room
Asking an entrance fee is not allowed

(Updated June 2015)